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Endurance (Preview)

Endurance (Preview) Image
Sustaining physical effort with upper and/or lower body that raises the heart rate or rate of breathing for several minutes without resting, sometimes called "activity tolerance"
Endurance (Preview)
Pump Tire Image

Pump Tire
This will take the air out of you!

Push Cart Image

Push Cart
When you need to avoid lifting and carrying!

Rake Leaves Image

Rake Leaves
Good excuse to take therapy outdoors!

Walk Dog Image

Walk Dog
Everyone gets their exercise for the day!

Dig Hole Image

Dig Hole
What a workout this can be!

Fold Chairs Image

Fold Chairs
When there's not enough places to sit!

Hammering Image

Watch your thumb! Watch what you say when you strike your thumb!

Access Cafeteria Image

Access Cafeteria
Hope they serve good food in the cafeteria!

One Hand Carry Image

One Hand Carry
Important to practice after re-learning to walk!

Carry Out Trash Image

Carry Out Trash
Somebody's gotta do it!

Hang Weights Image

Hang Weights
Every clinic has a rack to hold weights

Polish Furniture Image

Polish Furniture
Smooth and shiny exercise!

Push Wheelbarrow Image

Push Wheelbarrow
Great task for dynamic standing balance!

Hand Sanding Image

Hand Sanding
Strenous but smooth!

Sawing Image

Needs to be closely supervised!

Scrubbing Image

For those pesky stains!

Sweeping Image

Quickest way to tidy up indoors or out!

Two Hand Carry Image

Two Hand Carry
Important task requiring balance and strength!

Vacuum Car Image

Vacuum Car
Oh those small places!

Vacuum Home Image

Vacuum Home
Clean house and practice balance

Wash Car Image

Wash Car
Of course it will rain next day!

Washing Machine Image

Washing Machine
Both physical and cogntive!

Water Plants Image

Water Plants
For those with a green thumb!

Wax Car Image

Wax Car
Wax on, wax off!

Go to Mailbox Image

Go to Mailbox
Life affirming snail mail!

Wipe Treatment Mat Image

Wipe Treatment Mat
Infection control department will be proud of you!