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Compensatory Techniques (Preview)

Compensatory Techniques (Preview) Image
Methods to make up for cognitive deficits in time management, navigating the environment, safety awareness
Compensatory Techniques (Preview)
Calendar Image

When you have trouble remembering birthdays, appointments

Follow a Time Schedule Image

Follow a Time Schedule
The best way to structure you day to stay organized

Set Reminders Image

Set Reminders
So you never forget anything ever again!

Checklists Image

Sometimes it is necessary to make sure every step is completed

To-Do Lists Image

To-Do Lists
Whether written or electronic, the simplest way to assure things get done!

Set alarm Image

Set alarm
Easiest way to not be late

Set Timer Image

Set Timer
When you really get into what you are doing!

Follow a Recipe Image

Follow a Recipe
When you can't recall the steps - look at the recipe

Program GPS Image

Program GPS
When it is difficult to remember how to get there!

Map Reading Image

Map Reading
The old school method for navigating in the world

Microwave Food Image

Microwave Food
What you need to be able to do if you don't know how to cook!

Notebooks Image

All kinds of cognitive and physical tasks!

Photo Albums Image

Photo Albums
Helps to trigger memories for orientation

Set Clock Image

Set Clock
Make sure to learn how to use "snooze" button!

Take Photos Image

Take Photos
Sometimes helpful to take a picture of where you parked