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Efficiently finding one's way in the community, buildings, houses, clinics, hospitals, shopping centers, the world, addressing accessibility issues, public transportation, maps, gps, floor plans
Navigating (Preview)
Auto Parts Store Outing Image

Auto Parts Store Outing
For those who know how to take care of their vehicles!

Draw Floor Plan Image

Draw Floor Plan
Or make up a new one! Your dream home!

Crossing Streets Image

Crossing Streets
Essential skill for safety in community re-entry!

City Bus Schedule Image

City Bus Schedule
Plan ahead so don't have to waste time!

Drug Store Outing Image

Drug Store Outing
No matter where you are - seems there's a drug store closeby!

Program GPS Image

Program GPS
Easier than ever to find your way in the world!

Grocery Shopping Image

Grocery Shopping
The most important community re-integration activity!

Walk Dog Image

Walk Dog
Everyone gets their exercise for the day!

Hardware Store Outing Image

Hardware Store Outing
Go here to gather materials for therapy!

Library Outing Image

Library Outing
Lots to do and enjoy at the library!

Map Reading Image

Map Reading
The way we used to find our way in the world!

Ride City Bus Image

Ride City Bus
Public transit is an option for those who don't drive

Restaurant Outing Image

Restaurant Outing
The favorite community re-integration outing in rehab!

Go to Mailbox Image

Go to Mailbox
Life affirming snail mail!

Access ATM Image

Access ATM
No more waiting in line at the bank!

Access Elevator Image

Access Elevator
Make sure to get off on the correct floor!