Floor Tiles Occupation Based Kit     (Make Your Own)     $17.00         Order
Floor Tiles Main

The floor tiles occupation based kit has the user manipulate and arrange 1 square foot vinyl peel and stick floor tiles for multiple purposes in therapy sessions. There is a website that is included with the kit that provides suggestions for specific activities to address a wide variety of goals:

* Physical goals (dynamic sitting/standing balance,     functional mobility, UE range of motion, using a        reacher)
* Visual perceptual goals (scanning, visual                   discrimination, pattern recognition)
* Sequencing goals (numbers, letters, patterns)
* Socialization goals (turn taking, initiating                  conversation, increasing group participation)
* Cognitive goals (worksheets involving calculating,    visual spatial planning, money management)

Materials Needed (provide your own):
12 Black Vinyl (Peel and Stick) Floor Tiles 12"x12"
12 White Vinyl (Peel and Stick) Floor Tiles 12"x12"
12 Beige Vinyl (Peel and Stick) Floor Tiles 12"x12"
Carrying bag for tiles (21 lbs)
Optional: Tarp to cover floor to keep tiles cleaner